The Holy Quran serves as a guide for all mankind. The book contains the speech of Allah and it directs us in every aspect of life.


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The Arabic word Tajweed linguistically means “proficiency” or “doing something well”. It comes from the same root letters as the word Jayyid, which means “good”. When applied to the Qur’an, it means giving every letter of the Qur’an its rights and dues of characteristics when we recite the Qur’an, and observing the rules that apply to those letters in different situations.


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Nazra” means the ability to recite the Holy Quran, with “Correct Pronunciation” i.e “Learning and Teaching” includes learning and teaching of the Holy Quran.

Quran Nazra
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Quran Hifz

Hifz means to learn or to memorize. Hifz ul Quran means to read and to learn Quran to memorize its verses and ayaat. But in Islam Hifz ul Quran not only means to learn its verses orally but also to memorize what it says and understand what it means, what it wants from a Muslim what is Allah’s teaching for a Muslim and leads his or her life according to the teaching of Islam.

Why choose me

My Name is Ubaid ur Rehman

Highly Qualified

Ubaid ur Rehman is Highly Qualified

Time for Hifz

Ubaid ur Rehman teach the students in a step by step manner. He has special techniques for fast learning. It is hence a student will complete the memorization of Quran in a short time of 1.5 Year.

Full Coaching Skilled

Ubaid ur Rehman is a skilled person in coaching your child in every aspect.


What my clients say?

Masha'Allah very nice teacher! I do my Qur'an revisions with him, and I have also learned some du'as. Timing is very flexible, and I highly recommend this teacher to anyone!
Zahid Iqbal
An excellent teacher with an excellent style that makes learning easy with a friendly environment and demeanor. May Allah bless this teacher and allow him to continue his good work - Allahumma Ameen.
Kareem Malik
Ubaid ur Rehman is very good Quran Teacher. My child is having no issues in understanding the accent. He teaches my Child in a systematic way and goes with pace of learner.
Mrs. Mansoor Jabbar
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