Enmity of fake liberals with scholars

Priorities are very important in human development. I agree, this country is full of problems, but reading behind every non-thing can be a source of satisfaction for your scholar number two ego, but it can never bring about any positive change.

It is unfortunate that a certain class in this country insists on making science a tool to ridicule the clerics

How ignorant we are …

If you go to the wall of a person who claims to love science, he will find you running after clerics with a stick.

Even if the Maulvis have an unscientific attitude, let them have it. What’s wrong with you What are they doing to stop you? What are the obstacles in your research?

I am an engineer. My morning and evening are related to science and technology. My circle of friends includes many scientists, engineers, researchers, doctors, etc. I have never seen or heard that these friends have ever encountered a Maulvi regarding any research, invention, project etc.

Genuine researchers are quietly engaged in their work and innovating in the society, doing research, creating services, making products.

The number two scientific intellectuals are behind the clerics. These idiots have also turned science into a means of satisfying the ego.

You will find nothing but cursing the Maulvi on their walls. They have no original thoughts about science. Not able to offer a solution to anything. Problems are the worst in terms of living skills. Instead of cultivating interest in science among the people, the Maulvis are engaged in creating animosity

Wouldn’t it be Better if there was a discussion about a technology or a problem and its solutions? For example, here we discuss the solution of converting air humidity into potable water (excellent work is being done in this regard in Israel). Water is wasted in every home, working on a product design in this regard such as spray faucets. Discuss creative ways to generate electricity. Discuss modern methods of increasing agricultural production. Pakistan produces the best herbs in the world, focus on processing them, and earning foreign exchange by exporting them around the world (India is earning billions of dollars annually from this sector). Make plans and work on these skills in advanced IT fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology. The more people discuss, the more national consciousness will grow

Instead, Mufti Muneeb and Ruwit Hilal Committee have been discussing here for two days as if it is one of the most important issues of the country. The Ministry of Science and Routine Hilal Committee is enjoying fighting like chickens

I also have some minor complaints about Mufti Muneeb


Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. What have we done to eradicate it? Let me miss the benefits

What are the ministries of science doing around the world, here it is being given the task of abolishing the vision committee.

What a rationally barren nation we have become. We are drowning in the gutter of ignorance but we do not even realize it

You may object to Mufti Muneeb or this committee, but is it such an important issue to be included in your priorities? Ministry of Science these times? Is it a responsibility?

As a nation, what do we get out of this committee?

Would like to know

If you have the same intellect, if you have consciousness, then compare it with the world for two minutes and think about what you are trying to use such an important ministry for … !!!!

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