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My Name is Ubaid ur Rehman

Highly Qualified

Ubaid ur Rehman is Highly Qualified

Full Coaching Skilled

Ubaid ur Rehman is a skilled person in coaching your child in every aspect.

Time for Hifz

Ubaid ur Rehman teach the students in a step by step manner. He has special techniques for fast learning. It is hence a student will complete the memorization of Quran in a short time of 1.5 Year.


What my clients say?

Masha'Allah very nice teacher! I do my Qur'an revisions with him, and I have also learned some du'as. Timing is very flexible, and I highly recommend this teacher to anyone!
An excellent teacher with an excellent style that makes learning easy with a friendly environment and demeanor. May Allah bless this teacher and allow him to continue his good work - Allahumma Ameen.
Kareem Malik
Ubaid ur Rehman is very good Quran Teacher. My child is having no issues in understanding the accent. He teaches my Child in a systematic way and goes with pace of learner.
Mrs. Mansoor Jabbar
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